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Cloud Storage For Beginners

Confused by Cloud Storage? Read our simple guide to what it is and how it works.

First thing first. Cloud Storage is not hard!


What is cloud storage then? It's like having a memory card that is wireless! Instead of the files you want to keep safe being stored on your computer or your portable storage device, they are saved online on really big and really secure computers in a place called a "Data Centre".


Oh OK, so why is that good for me? It's good because if something happens to your laptop or your phone, like it gets lost or broken, then your precious memories, music and files will still be safe!


Right, but what if I need a file and I'm not at my computer? That's not a problem either. Because your cloud is connected to the Internet, you can use your mboile phone, smartphone or another computer to access the files from anywhere you can connect to the internet!


So, what if I run out of space? Rather than having to rush out and buy yet another memory card or upgrading your computer, you just ask you provider for more storage space, pay a little fee and away you go!


That's cool.. Im in, where do I buy it?

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